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Land Use Law and Disability

In Land Use Law and Disability,

Robin Paul Malloy argues that our communities need better planning to be safely and easily navigated by people with mobility impairment and to facilitate intergenerational aging in place. To achieve this, communities will need to think of mobility impairment and inclusive design as land use and planning issues, in addition to understanding them as matters of civil and constitutional rights. Although much has been written about the rights of people with disabilities, little has been said about the interplay between disability and land use regulation. This book undertakes to explain mobility impairment, as one type of disability, in terms of planning and zoning. The goal is to advance our understanding of disability in terms of planning and zoning to facilitate cooperative engagement between disability rights advocates and land use professionals. This in turn should lead to improved community planning for accessibility and aging in place.

Land Use and Zoning Law: Planning for Accessible Communities

This casebook published by Carolina Academic Press

is the first land use and zoning law casebook to comprehensively integrate issues of accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Land Use and Zoning Law systematically addresses the complexities of aging in place and of disability in the context of local land regulation. This integrated approach is important because as many as thirty percent of American families have a family member with a mobility impairment, and also because mobility impairments increase with age.

Cambridge Disability Law and Policy Series

Disability Law and Policy Book Series 

Six hundred million people, nearly one tenth of the world’s population, are afflicted with some form of disability. The Cambridge Disability Law and Policy Series addresses legal and policy perspectives that will provide resources for individuals, academics, practitioners and policy makers on how to effectively further the cause of disability rights. This series is a good fit for the Cambridge law list as it adds a specific focused issue to an already well developed general list of titles in human rights, medical/legal issues, law and society, comparative and international law, and globalization.

  • General Editors: Peter Blanck, Syracuse University and Robin Paul Malloy, Syracuse University

Critical Perspectives on Disability from Syracuse University Press

Books in the Critical Perspectives on Disability series from Syracuse University Press

will explore the place of people with disabilities in society through the lens of disability studies, critical special education, disability law and policy, and international human rights.

  • Series editors: Beth A. Ferri, Syracuse University and Arlene Kanter, Syracuse University
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